The Hollow Men

Another day in the funhouse world that is Romania.

First, the European Court of Human Rights has – yet again – ruled against Romania, this time for torturing people.

From the ECHR:

Romania committed several rights violations due to its complicity in CIA secret detainee programme.

In today’s Chamber judgment, in the case the European Court of Human Rights held, unanimously, that there had been violations of Article 3 (prohibition of torture) of the European Convention on Human Rights, because of the Romanian Government’s failure to effectively investigate Mr. Al Nashiri’s allegations and because of its complicity in the CIA’s actions.

Here’s what they did to him in Bucharest:

One time they tortured me one way and another time they tortured me in a different way.

By hanging, [my] head was up and [my] legs were pointing downwards. I was hung for almost a month.

What else do I want to say? I was without clothes. I was sleeping on the floor for about a month. Many things happened. There were doing so many things. What else did they did?

There a box half meter by half meter. It was two meters in height. They used to put me inside the box. I was standing in that box for about a week and I couldn’t do anything. My feet were swollen. My nails were about to fall off because I was standing on my feet for a long time.

They did so many things, so, so many things…

Fucking hell… this is exactly what Stalin and the KGB used to do.

But it’s okay, right? After all, Romania got paid millions of dollars to let the CIA torture this man. Romania has denied even knowing about it despite the fact that the torture occurred inside a Romanian government building in downtown Bucharest.

For the record, Romania continues to be the EU nation with the highest number of adverse judgments against it by the ECHR. In other words, Romania keeps losing cases because the government keeps torturing people, treating them inhumanely, and even occasionally gunning down unarmed protestors.

And the Romanian judicial system doesn’t know its ass from its elbow:

Romania’s top court on Wednesday told the country’s president to fire the chief anti-corruption prosecutor, widely praised for her efforts to root out high-level graft, but a thorn in the side of some politicians.

In short, Justice Minister Tudorel “Don’t Call Me Mr. Toad” Toader wanted to fire Saint Laura, but the law said that the President has to approve first for it to happen.

Well, Klaus Iohannis didn’t approve. So the PSD got six of their cronies on the court to rule that the president’s approval isn’t “necessary” anymore even though the law clearly states that it is.

Romania’s “Justice” Minister

Fun times!

In case you’re new to the situation, way back in 1999, every political party in Romania (including the PDSR, now known as the PSD) signed the accession documents to join the European Union. One of the requirements for membership was that Romania had to establish three anti-corruption bodies:

  • The DNA (to combat corruption)
  • The ANI (to stop conflicts of interest)
  • and the Court of Accounts (to stop embezzlement)

All of this was supposed to be “temporary” when Romania joined the EU in 2007 and would be phased out once Romania was “on track”.

But all three of these organizations have failed on every level. The Court of Accounts renders judgments and fines, but these are rarely collected. The ANI is supposed to stop corrupt politicians from holding office, but their ruling against current President Klaus Iohannis was just ignored, which is why he’s the president and not the other corrupt guy, Victor Ponta.

But what about the DNA? Well, it looks like it’s working, at least from the outside, but in reality, it’s a star chamber which has a conviction rate of 92%, largely due to illegal wiretaps by the SRI, the secret “intelligence” agency that is, itself, enormously corrupt and has previously been caught blackmailing judges on the Constitutional Court.

Therefore, what happened yesterday is that PSD chief Liviu Dragnea, already convicted of vote rigging, has manipulated the Constitutional Court (the highest court in Romania) to issue a ruling denying President Klaus Iohannis, himself convicted on corruption charges, of the power to not fire anti-corruption chief Laura Kovesi, a known liar and plagiarist who runs an opaque, dictatorial organization that is Romania’s last hope of a “fair” judicial system.

And all of this hooplah was just so that Liviu Dragnea and his whore can sit in Victoria Palace and take orders from the United States before fleeing to Brazil with millions of dollars stolen from the few taxpayers still left in Romania who haven’t yet been able to escape their flaming trainwreck of a country.

3 thoughts on “The Hollow Men

  1. So sad to BE an american these days. Trumps reversing our and your progress. We do not like the trump, we wish to kick him in the RUMP.
    SERIOUSLY SAD for our causing trouble. Now for 2 months, as a visitor, I l LOVE Romania. Stay Strong!


  2. So sad to BE an american these days. Trumps reversing our and your progress. We do not like the trump, we wish to kick him in the RUMP.
    SERIOUSLY SAD for our causing trouble. Now for 2 months, as a visitor, I l LOVE Romania. Stay Strong!


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