Riding That Train

Throughout the year and half I’ve been writing on this blog, by far the most popular article I’ve ever written was Choo-choo! Riding the rails ROMANIA style about some of my adventures on CFR Romanian Railways. It was a lot of fun writing that piece but I assure you that it is only a fraction of the many interesting experiences I’ve had while riding the … Continue reading Riding That Train

In Fata Tronului

Yes! Check out this awesome video from YouTube. If you remember the one I posted just here last Friday then you can see there’s a new trend coming – the romaniophile! Best part: the “showing of the souvenirs”. Yes!! Actually I told a lie. The best part is that the woman in the video is a reader of this blog, who seems to be a … Continue reading In Fata Tronului

Romanian Cultural Practices: Beverages

After writing a big long post on food, now time for one about consuming liquids in Romania, especially the traditional cultural practices you will find here. Cold Drinks As I mentioned a couple of days ago, in general, Romanians believe that drinking a liquid that is quite cold is bad for your health. I did an informal survey with some people I know, including one … Continue reading Romanian Cultural Practices: Beverages