Steve Jobs vs. Vlad Tepes

Today in Romania, as in many countries (including Mexico), is the “Day of the Dead” or Ziua Mortilor. It tends to be a little more widely observed in Transylvania and the Banat due to the historical reign of the Hungarians as it originally comes from a Catholic holiday. Around these parts (Unicorn City aka Cluj-Napoca) people have been selling flowers and candles for days now, … Continue reading Steve Jobs vs. Vlad Tepes

We Have a Winner!

Yes! Well the votes are in for the First Annual IMRTY Alison Mutler Parody Contest. Ah yes, thanks to all of you who participated! Drum roll please…. And the winner is Lavinia with her awesome article entitled “Vampires Save Gypsies on Romanian Television”. Yay! This was her winning entry, with some slight edits and formats: Vampires save gypsies on Romanian television By Alison Mutler, Associated … Continue reading We Have a Winner!

Manholes, Dracula’s Castle, Saving Babies and a Romanian Comes Home

Very interesting little mix I managed to find here this morning whilst trawling the wires. I found an interesting blog that is dedicated to nothing but manholes. Say what? Yep, those heavy round metal discs that cover entrances to sewers and the like, and yesterday the blogger did a feature on some Romanian manholes, with a lot of photographs, including several from my town. Amazing … Continue reading Manholes, Dracula’s Castle, Saving Babies and a Romanian Comes Home