Koffee Klatch

WORD COUNT: 983 A few years ago, I had the good fortune of reading a book (translated into English) by the Dutch author Geert Mak called In Europe. In it, he attempted to find the dividing line between “Europe” and “non-Europe”, or “Eastern” Europe or “Western” Europe. Certainly, a lot of people use the old Warsaw Pact/NATO alliances as a way to demarcate that border, … Continue reading Koffee Klatch

La Noi Ca La Nimeni

Wow! I know technically it’s a violation of Romanian Cultural Law to even say this but the truth is I had a wonderful time in Bucharest. Walked off the plane and there was someone right there waiting for me, holding up a sign that said “Sam Cel Roman”. If that isn’t the coolest thing, I don’t know what is ;) I met with a whole … Continue reading La Noi Ca La Nimeni

Romanians Get An Aussie Girl Addicted to Coffee

Oh my word, I clicked on this link on an impulse – flipping hilarious! It’s a short, 3 minute podcast from an Australian woman who spent some time in rural Romania. First off, it’s hilarious that somehow she gets stuck with neither a translator or a dictionary to even learn how to say hai ma, am zis ca nu beau cafea so these poor Romanians … Continue reading Romanians Get An Aussie Girl Addicted to Coffee