Romanians Get An Aussie Girl Addicted to Coffee

Oh my word, I clicked on this link on an impulse – flipping hilarious! It’s a short, 3 minute podcast from an Australian woman who spent some time in rural Romania.

First off, it’s hilarious that somehow she gets stuck with neither a translator or a dictionary to even learn how to say hai ma, am zis ca nu beau cafea so these poor Romanians get the message.

And what’s up with no tea? Even if it isn’t Earl Gray, Romanians drink a ton of herbs and other plants as teas. It’s “poor people’s medicine” for goodness’ sake. Every rural Romanian I know has strings of herbs and plants hanging all over the place.

Still she self-guilts herself into getting addicted for life, apparently. Too hilarious. I’ve drunk raw milk before and yeah it is different but let’s be honest, it’s a thousand times healthier than most of the crap in the grocery store. I mean if it’s good for you, shouldn’t it be the most good for you when it’s most fresh?

Anyway, an honest story and muchos kudos for that for sure. I always think I’ve had some crazy adventures here but these people’s stories blow me away.

One thought on “Romanians Get An Aussie Girl Addicted to Coffee

  1. I really love your blog. I am a Romanian that has lived in the US for a pretty long time (7 years) and then recently moved to the UK. I love how you put your experiences in Romania in perspective :). Keep it up!


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