Cool Photography Project

I was very interested to see this, a project by a Romanian photographer to document the interior of 10 different apartments built during the Communist era. Each photo was shot from the same position in each of the single room apartments. This is “in order to better illustrate the mixture of several social classes under the same roof, displaying only differences in the character and … Continue reading Cool Photography Project

“Bogdin” Returns to Breaking Bad

Well if you’ve been reading my blog for a very long time, you might remember that I discovered there was a Romanian actor appearing in first season of the popular American TV series “Breaking Bad”. Due to the way this show is filmed, minor characters return after extended absences, and both episode 2 and 3 of season four (the current one) feature “Bogdan” once again, … Continue reading “Bogdin” Returns to Breaking Bad

Romanians in TV/Film – Breaking Bad

I was riding my exercise bicycle, watching a new (to me) show called Breaking Bad. It’s an American TV show about a lot of arguing and yelling and tragic faces and whatnot. (Ok actually it’s a little more complicated than that – LOL) But I almost fell off of my bike because a minor character that appears only in the first (pilot) episode was “Bogdan”, … Continue reading Romanians in TV/Film – Breaking Bad