Romanians in TV/Film – Breaking Bad

I was riding my exercise bicycle, watching a new (to me) show called Breaking Bad. It’s an American TV show about a lot of arguing and yelling and tragic faces and whatnot. (Ok actually it’s a little more complicated than that – LOL)

But I almost fell off of my bike because a minor character that appears only in the first (pilot) episode was “Bogdan”, who owns a car wash in America and has large, poofy white hair and super thick, bushy eyebrows. All of a sudden right in the middle of an ordinary American TV show pops up this “Bogdan” character and he is on the phone, cursing in Romanian LOL (if you’re curious he is saying “go to hell”).

The guy quite frankly looks more like a Greek sea captain to me than any kind of Romanian I’ve ever seen before. His Romanian is also extremely rusty sounding and not altogether authentic – my guess is the actor playing him has been in the United States a long, long time.

It took me forever to track down his real name but finally found it – it’s Marius Stan, which really can be a Romanian name so I guess the guy truly is Romanian.

The name “Bogdan” btw is a very common Romanian name but I noticed the American actors all pronounce it “Bog Dan” in two distinct syllables as if it rhymes with “Fog Man”. In case you ever meet a real Bogdan, here’s how to say the name:

Imagine the letter “O” sound as in “bow” (as in bow and arrow). So the first part is “Bowg” and the “Dan” part is more like the American name “Don”. So say “bowg-DON” all together and then you’ve got the hang of it!

PS – Why in the world the writers felt an evil, bushy eyebrowed Romanian would be great as a bit part playing the evil boss is beyond my understanding. But hey, that’s why they’re big Hollywood screenwriters and I’m not ;)

4 thoughts on “Romanians in TV/Film – Breaking Bad

  1. 11.10.2012Iordanka HristovaImam namerenie da se zaaviamnm sas selski turizam ,kato v momenta sam zakupila kashta koqto mislq da q napravq Kashta za gosti .Tuk v nashiq grad (Sliven ) po nikakav nachin ne mojesh da se obogatish s informaciq otnostno namereniqta si .Interesuva me :-Kade i kakvo trqbva da se napravi za da se kandidatstva po tazi ” Mqrka311-312 ?Nadqvam se da sam zadala vaprosite si razbiraemo t. k. ot cqloto tova lutane ot stai v stai zapochvam da si mislq che samata Az neznam kakvo iskam .BLAGODARQ VI PREDVARITELNO !


  2. The best thing Breaking Bad taught me was how to get rid of a body using acid and a plastic container. Not that I would ever need to do that, of course. :)


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    2. Interviu cu primarul Chiliman apuart azi in ziarul Ultima Andrei Chiliman: Nu-l pot sustine pe Bogdan Olteanu. As fi complice la fraudarea morala a cetatenilor din Sectorul 1 .- Dl. Olteanu va acuza tot pe dvs ca aveti ceva cu el!- E ca een povestea cu hotul care striga hotii. Baiatul asta (n.r. Olteanu) a fost ales deputat acum 4 ani la propunerea Sectorului 1 si am sperat ca voi avea een el un sprijin pentru proiectele locuitorilor din sectorul nostru. A doua zi dupa ce a devenit presedintele Camerei n-am mai auzit de el. – V-a ajutat vreodata een activitatea de primar?- Va dau ce2teva exemple. Eu i-am eenaintat solicitarea de a majora semnificativ amenzile pentru constructiile ilegale. N-a interesat pe nimeni. I-am trimis semnaturile stre2nse pentru salvarea Parcului Bordei. Noroc cu Guvernul ca a interzis printr-o ordonanta de urgenta constructiile pe spatii verzi. I-am cerut sa urgenteze aprobarea acestei ordonante een procedura de urgenta. Zace si acum printr-un sertar astepte2nd sa treaca alegerile. Asa ca daca ma eentrebati ce problema am, e una de moralitate een primul re2nd. – Ati decis sa nu-l sustineti?- Nu-l pot sustine pe Bogdan Olteanu. As fi complice la fraudarea morala a cetatenilor din Sectorul 1. Oda dedicata lui Bogdan Olteanu publicata azi in ziarul acestuia (Colegiul 1) la pagina cititorului Dumneavoastra semnalati , noi va raspundem , poet dl. Francu: Avem un nou candidat, care trebuie votat. Cine stie, cine stie, cine ar putea sa fie. Este tanar si vioi si se afla printre noi.Locuieste in Bucurestii Noi si vrea sa faca ceva pentru noi.. Este tanar deputat, intelligent si manierat, dar pentru a obtine un nou mandat trebuie votat. Cine stie, cine stie, cine ar putea sa fie, si ca sa nu mai dati cu banul, va spun eu, este candidatul Bogdan Olteanu. Hai la vot cu mic cu mare, votati fara ezitare pe tanarul Bogdan Olteanu Dlui. Bogdan Oltenu ii sugerez sa ia legatura cu Adrian Minune sau Dan Bursuc , o manea ar prinde si mai bine.


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