Brexit Advice for UK Citizens in Romania

I regularly get emails about immigration issues in Romania, but lately, I’ve been hearing from British citizens worried about their future in Romania after Brexit. Literally, nobody knows what will happen with Brexit, so there’s no way for me to give any practical advice about what the future relations between Romania and the UK will be, but there is something British citizens can do now … Continue reading Brexit Advice for UK Citizens in Romania

The Iron Grip of Moldova

Whew, am I still alive? Apparently so :) Thank goodness! As you might have heard, I now have a job here in Moldova, and I’ve been having some real adventures. It is literally surreal to be back in an office environment after more than a decade of being a freelancer and working from home. I’m still super busy trying to balance my official job with … Continue reading The Iron Grip of Moldova


Ah yes, time to once again dip into the bizarre contents of the messages that I receive! Note: as per my privacy policy, the names of the innocent and not so innocent have been protected. Sam, you’re being paid by the Russian government to write pro-Russia articles! Really? That’s about the funniest comment I’ve received in a long time. I’ll note that I’ve also been … Continue reading Mailbag

Word of the Day: Povața

What with the cold rain and my nostalgic look at the past yesterday, I must admit I found myself listening to a lot of sentimental Romanian music. One of the songs on my playlist was Cu bani nu cumperi ani, the linked version sung by Nicolae Guta although it’s not a manele song but rather a kind of Romanian ballad, sad, sweet and about the … Continue reading Word of the Day: Povața