Brexit Advice for UK Citizens in Romania

I regularly get emails about immigration issues in Romania, but lately, I’ve been hearing from British citizens worried about their future in Romania after Brexit.

Literally, nobody knows what will happen with Brexit, so there’s no way for me to give any practical advice about what the future relations between Romania and the UK will be, but there is something British citizens can do now that might help.

Romania does not have any agreement in place that will preserve the rights of British citizens to continue working/living in Romania after a “hard” Brexit. Right now, British citizens are treated just like any other EU citizen, i.e. they have the right to work and live in Romania.

But current legislation requires British citizens living six months (or longer) in Romania to register their presence in the country. Upon completing this registration, British (and all other EU citizens) will get a little ID card that is valid for five years.

Technically, Romania requires that you “petition” the Immigration Department to get this “permanent” registration.

There is an Immigration Office in every one of Romania’s “counties,” and you can find the nearest one to you by clicking here. That link will also show you their their address and working hours.

If you’re a British citizen living in Romania and plan on remaining long-term following March 29, 2019, my advice is to contact the appropriate Immigration Officer and register now (even if you’ve been in Romania for less than six months) for the five-year ID card.

Note: There is no guarantee whatsoever that the ID card and/or your legal presence in Romania will be considered valid post-Brexit, but registering will at least put you “at the head of the queue” in case a separate agreement is reached.

Sorry, but that’s about the best choice available right now for British citizens.

Manly hearts to guard the fair ;)

Good luck, and God Save Your Queen!

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