Episode 7 – The Sibiu Medieval Festival

Holy mackerel, how long has it been since I posted a new episode? It’s been forever! Well as I mentioned earlier this week, the new computer is humming along beautifully and so now I can finally do what I want with all the footage I shot. Sad to say it but I filmed this festival way back in August 2011 and it’s only now that all of you get to see it:

Hope you enjoyed it because let me tell you it’s a ton of fun putting these things together.

For the record, the music you hear throughout this “episode” was recorded live in Sibiu by musicians playing on stage and isn’t anything I downloaded or acquired from other sources. In other words, it’s the real deal :)

4 thoughts on “Episode 7 – The Sibiu Medieval Festival

  1. the same thing in every year – Sighisoara Medieval Festival ,a lot of japanese people and from the other countries visit this city :) ,with “medieval” buildings” ,it’s stil there a Medieval Tower builded in 1200 …the 13th century…
    Music and the medieval clothes…superb!
    I love my country!
    Sam ,nice video! and it’s an invitation for tourism (for foreign citizens)


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