Music Education Under Threat in Romania

According to this informative post, many of Romania’s schools’ music education programs are on the verge of being removed from the curriculum. And it’s all the fault of the music teachers! Every time a teacher started to believe what everyone was saying about music education – how it’s worthless, kids don’t need it, what’s he gonna do in life if he learns how to read … Continue reading Music Education Under Threat in Romania

Let them know we tried

Recently, on one of the last warm days of the years, I was sitting outside on a bench, soaking up the sunlight. A man approached me, his eyes glassy. He was mumbling nearly incoherently and stuck out his hand to shake mine. It was immediately obvious that he was drunk. Drunk: *mutters incoherently in Russian* Me: Izvinitye no ya ni punimayo uchin horasha pa russki … Continue reading Let them know we tried

Mr. Saxo Beat

Well I imagine you’ve heard by now that the singer Alexandra Stan was savagely beaten by her boyfriend a few days ago, landing her in the hospital. The English-language reports decline to show the graphic photos and videos of the injured Alexandra, which are quite disturbing. I happen to follow her on Twitter and saw the original message, posted in fucked-up English, that she had … Continue reading Mr. Saxo Beat