Wild Dogs Kill Romanian Bison

Here’s an interesting story if you don’t mind a bit of hyperbole:

Huge financial efforts, determination and manpower dedicated to protecting a species that was close to extinction in Europe 100 years ago went down the drain in Romania, after a pack of feral stray digs attacked and killed some of the very few bison in the Southern Carpathians.

This story was written by a Romanian, hence the histrionic text (“was all for naught” might be a more dignified phrase than “down the drain”), but it is quite interesting just how much trouble dogs get up to in Romania.

Besides eating children (left abandoned by their drunken grandmothers), killing Japanese tourists, launching the career of Traian Basescu, making money for bloodthirsty politicians, and angering psychopathic hunting enthusiasts like Mugur Isarescu, they’re now pissing off environmental groups like the WWF simply by doing their “jobs” and picking off weak animals like baby bison.

I wonder when people in Romania will finally learn that these aren’t dog problems, but people problems, as dogs are just being themselves and it’s not their fault that they are so badly misunderstood.

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