The Continuing Intransigence of Michael Noer

Unfortunately, Mr. Noer has not only refused to apologize for his hateful words about this country but has continued to write disrespectful and insulting comments on his blog in response to polite comments from readers. I have therefore written the following email to the editors at Forbes: On January 25, your editor Michael Noer began a series of posts on his Forbes blog, discussing his … Continue reading The Continuing Intransigence of Michael Noer

Another Idiotic Screed by Michael Noer

As I’ve mentioned many times, I keep an internet “eye” on who is discussing or mentioning Romania worldwide. With a basic knowledge of ngrams and the use of a few tools, it’s a rather easy thing to do. Yesterday I was shocked and angered to come across this piece from Michael Noer, an editor at Forbes magazine, followed up by a few equally racist and … Continue reading Another Idiotic Screed by Michael Noer

Last Verse Same As The First

I was a little puzzled to see yet another hit piece out on Romania from The Economist, this one in the m-fing print edition, meaning literally every member of the English-speaking so-called “intelligentsia” around the globe is reading this garbage. And then suddenly the clouds parted and a golden beam of sunlight struck me squarely in the forehead, opening my eyes: Many Romanians see the … Continue reading Last Verse Same As The First

Poor Widdle Racist Romania *sniff*

Despite the Facebook, despite the Twitter, despite the literally thousands of wonderful and amazing Romanians who visit this site, talk about this site or link to this site, a tremendous number of visitors are drawn to this blog by searching for two things – “gypsy” and “Romania”. I’ve written about this (seemingly) hundreds of times, from their slang to their music to the Chocolate Chip … Continue reading Poor Widdle Racist Romania *sniff*

Romania’s Image

Grazie mille to commenter Grumps for providing a link to a blogpost that some American wrote, mostly talking about Romanian cinema. The discussion then segues into Romania’s “image”, as in what people know about Romania who know nothing about Romania. This entire topic makes me sigh with exasperation precisely because several different interests are conflicting here, resulting in a stalemate and unchanging condition, which is … Continue reading Romania’s Image