A Toddling Town in Transnistria

If you’ve only ever read negative things about this place, be prepared to disbelieve every word that follows, although I assure you that every word is entirely true.

Brexit Advice for UK Citizens in Romania

I regularly get emails about immigration issues in Romania, but lately, I’ve been hearing from British citizens worried about their future in Romania after Brexit. Literally, nobody knows what will happen with Brexit, so there’s no way for me to give any practical advice about what the future relations between Romania and the UK will…

Romanians Biggest Foreign Population in Madrid

According to this Spanish-language article, Romanians are now the biggest foreign population in 12 out of the city’s 21 districts. Here’s the breakdown of the biggest foreign resident population by district: Center – Italian Arganzuela – Chinese Retiro – Romanian Salamanca – Italian Chamartin – Paraguayan Tetuan – Filipino Chamberi – Italian Fuencarral-Pardo – Romanian…

Ograda, Ogradi, Life Goes On

WORD COUNT: 1122 Well my good and gentle readers, as you know from my last giant info piece/exposition dump, things are starting to look up for me at last. My apartment is certainly modest by many standards, but it is a thousand times better than the squalid hole I had to live in for months….