Romania Perfecting Its Elections Interference Toolkit in Moldova

After all the panic over maybe, kinda, sorta Russian “interference” in the upcoming Moldovan elections, you’d think a story like Romania interfering in Moldova’s elections would be huge news. But it wasn’t, of course, because it didn’t involve Russia. Continue reading Romania Perfecting Its Elections Interference Toolkit in Moldova

Facebook Blues

Well, just as I predicted, the onset of cold weather means that protests will start heating up across the Romanian world. Indeed, Romania saw widespread protests on November 27, once again demonstrating how upset people are by the political elites who keep trying to subvert the justice system in order to stay out of jail. But remember how ex-President Ion Iliescu complained about the protests … Continue reading Facebook Blues


Oh my, this story really made me laugh. Original link in Romanian is here, but the gist of it is that long-time Romanian president Traian Basescu has had his (Republic of) Moldovan citizenship stripped by the new (Moldovan) President Igor Dodon. This truly is hilarious on several levels. After spending literally his entire life in Romania (and president of the country for 10 years), Basescu … Continue reading Stripper