Let’s Eat Mamaliga!

Don’t have too much to add to this photo and brief post about mamaliga from one of my favorite new bloggers except that it’s interesting how each region of Romania (and RM and Ukraine) has their own different traditions about how to eat the stuff. In Cluj, it was often akin to a garlic and cheese “pie” while Sarah’s post talks about how people eat it separately with their hands.

I first wrote about mamaliga way back in 2010, simpler and yet perhaps happier times when I certainly ate it far more often than I do now. A recipe for the stuff even made it into my first book and it’s definitely a simple and fun way for most people to get a taste of Romanian/Moldovan/Ukrainian regional cuisine no matter where they live.

Interesting fact that I only learned years later: the original ingredient of mamaliga was mei, otherwise known as millet in English. Eaten for tens of thousands of years (at least), it was a staple of the European diet until a genocidal moron crossed the Atlantic Ocean that led to the ultimate “discovery” of corn (maize), now the #2 most popular food in the world.

In all my travels throughout Romania, Ukraine and Moldova, I’ve never once seen or tasted a truly old-fashioned mamaliga made from mei instead of corn but I’ve heard rumors that it survives on out there somewhere…

3 thoughts on “Let’s Eat Mamaliga!

  1. Genocidal moron? Why? Most likely you are a moron.
    It is very interesting how much you were liked before but lately you are writing only stupid think and you can see that by the fact that nobody writes back to you anymore.


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