How to Save Moldova

Help poor old Moldova! Whatever can be done to save this poor widdle country? Let’s see what the Wise Old Elves are saying!


NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow and Moldovan Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Galbur met on Monday (8 February 2016) for talks on strengthening the partnership between the Alliance and Chișinău. Ambassador Vershbow thanked Moldova for its continued contributions to the Alliance-led mission in Kosovo and underlined that all NATO Allies support Moldova’s sovereignty and independence..

So all those politicians in Romania, including the long-time president (Basescu) and Prime Minister constantly pushing for to absorb RM in a “union” is a way to support Moldova’s sovereignty? And NATO, a military alliance, respects Moldova’s constitution which specifically prohibits all military alliances?


Anyone else got some advice?

Major political and economic reforms require determined action, consolidation of the main political forces, and close involvement of civil society. This is the lesson that Lithuania learned in the course of its successful reform process in the 1990s. Strong support from international partners was another key factor in Lithuania’s success. Today, Moldova urgently needs both a consensus on main reform priorities at home and strong, but conditional support from the EU.

Uh, really? Lithuania? The country where the president during the “reforms” of the 1990s was an American military intelligence officer? That’s the country that Moldova should be emulating?

Deeply rooted impunity and a lack of accountability have prompted the public to search for saviours. Some of these saviours portray themselves as being “pro-Moldovan“ but, sadly, align themselves with Russia, a country that continues to occupy a part of Moldova’s territory and recently attacked Ukraine.

No offense, Linas Linkevicius, but A) learn some English and B) have fun spending all your impoverished country’s money on the military. Also, no offense but Russian troops aren’t “occupying” Moldova – a few hundred soldiers are welcome guests in Transnistria. If that’s the definition of “occupying” a country then Lithuania is set to be occupied by the United States this year.

Anyone else got some advice for Moldova? Oh right, the people who actually live here!

My translation:

More than 500 members of the Communist Party in Moldova have announced that they will join the bloc led by Socialist Party leader Igor Dodon, saying that, in their opinion, he represents the only leftist force that can “save Moldova from the unionists” and rescue the country from corruption.

Bazing! This is directly a result of the Communist Party joining the pro-EU bloc in 2014 as a way to get more power. This was bitterly opposed by “independence respecting” Romanian President Klaus at the time and then it utterly backfired after the Communists got tainted with the same corruption brush as their pro-EU billion-dollar-stealin’ buddies.

Meanwhile Pavel “Mr. Midnight” Filip is only barely hanging onto power thanks to 14 ex-Communist Party members who jumped ship two weeks ago to join his fragile pro-EU bloc. Wonder how long that’ll last, as Dodon is clearly marshaling his forces ahead of a no-confidence vote which will then trigger parliamentary elections.

As I’ve said a million times, the way to “save” Moldova is to let the people sort it out. What’s not needed is more goddamn patronizing advice from Lithuanian ministers, American military generals, and Romanian politicians and journalists who constantly refer to RM as the “second Romanian state”.

Hey teacher(s)! Leave them (Moldovan) kids alone!

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