We’re Fine, Mr. Yap!

As an update to my little piece yesterday entitled Escape to Romania, I am happy to report that I was right. The two women from Singapore who “disappeared” in Romania are doing just fine:

A photo of administrative assistant Cheryl Yap Lay Leng, 25, and Madam Foo Li Kheng, 61, flanked by two police officers and an unidentified man dressed in black, was uploaded onto the Facebook page of Politia Romana, Romania’s national police force. The pair were also not victims of any crime, the post said. “We wish them a pleasant stay further in Romania.”

All credit due to the Romanian police who responded to an inquiry from the Singaporean government and quickly verified that these two women had not fallen victim to foul play. It was worth making sure everything was all right especially after the horrific event in 2012 when another young Asian woman was raped and murdered just moments after arriving in Romania on an international flight.

As the police in Judetul Olt said, have a pleasant visit in Romania, ladies from Singapore!

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