Protests Continue in Moldova

Every major media outlet, including the BBC and all the major players in other languages, covered the events of yesterday (Sunday) as between 10 and 50 thousand people came out in the bitter cold to call for new elections:

Chanting “We Are the People” and “We Want our Country Back” in both Romanian and Russian, protesters in Chisinau braved temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius to demand snap elections.

I can tell you that it was windy and bitterly cold and that the protests were LOUD. I’ve never heard such a loud event, and I’m including things like concerts and the New Years’ Eve celebrations. Every Moldovan I know was down there, a wide coalition of people, including people who would otherwise AGREE to this country joining the EU as long as it wasn’t being led by the current crop of oligarchs.

On Sunday, opposition leader Andre Nastase demanded that the government set a date by Thursday for early elections or face public acts of disobedience. There was no official government response to that demand by early Monday.

No, the “response” is that Mr. Midnight (the current PM, Pavel Filip) is running to hide behind Romania’s skirts on Tuesday to beg for help in keeping his worthless job.

Here’s my favorite bit (in Romanian) with my translation:

On Sunday, another demonstration was scheduled for supporters of the Filip government. But later the organizers canceled the demonstration “to avoid the risk of infiltration and provocateurs causing violence during the event.”

LOL – the real translation is “if we dared to show our faces, angry people would’ve clashed with us”.

Meanwhile, over in Romania, the arrogance continues as this journalist, senior editor of Ioana Dogioiu, writes (in Romanian) that the current political unrest in Moldova is “our fault” (meaning the fault of all Romanians).

My translation:

How can Moldovans protest alongside [Igor] Dodon and [Renato] Usatii against the pro-European bloc? Why in the world do they want elections to be held when the pro-Russians are doing so well in opinion polls? What is the world coming to???

Well… this is what happens when you sacrifice principles and get in bed with oligarchs in order to foolishly pursue the short-term goal of getting RM to join the EU.

When I went to RM a while ago, I only saw Chisinau. And I remember feeling like I had landed in a world from another century, especially after I left the airport in the capital of Moldova. It was a dark and poor world, sad and full of problems.

Hey Ioana Dogioiu, go fuck yourself. You know nothing about Moldova. Worry about your own country, where this shit is going on.

My translation:

The Romania United Party, led by member of parliament Bogdan Diaconu, has announced the formation of the “Vlad Tepes Patrol”, declaring that “if the Romanian government won’t protect us, we’ll defend ourselves.”

So now groups of men dressed in uniforms are now going to “patrol” the streets to protect citizens. Hmm, where have I seen that before?

Let Moldova sort out its own problems. We’re doing fine over here, so leave us alone and worry about your own issues. THANKS!

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