Kovesi Warns of Even More Prosecutions

It’s been interesting watching how Bloomberg has been reporting on Saint Laura‘s prosecuting juggernaut. First, they warned that her rampaging prosecutions were bad for business and then today they announce that the DNA is set to redouble its efforts to get a record number of prosecutions this year: Romania’s anti-corruption prosecutors are adding manpower and targeting the fortunes of those they deem guilty of corruption … Continue reading Kovesi Warns of Even More Prosecutions

Protests Continue in Moldova

Every major media outlet, including the BBC and all the major players in other languages, covered the events of yesterday (Sunday) as between 10 and 50 thousand people came out in the bitter cold to call for new elections: Chanting “We Are the People” and “We Want our Country Back” in both Romanian and Russian, protesters in Chisinau braved temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius … Continue reading Protests Continue in Moldova

A Tangled Web

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to largely skip over an important issue to discuss an even more important issue. Today I set out to write a follow-up article about the Bunicuta de Aur, our new Finance Minister Ioana Petrescu, who gave a lengthy on camera interview with the media outlet Adevarul yesterday. During the interview, she revealed that the upcoming increase of 7 eurocents (~40 … Continue reading A Tangled Web

Bunicuta de Aur

Oh lord, if there’s one thing that makes me laugh, it’s my own foolishness. Just a few days ago I was writing about confirmation bias and last night I realized that I too had fallen into this trap. Since January 1, as you know, I’ve been undergoing intensive language training in Russian. With all the events ongoing in Ukraine, it’s been a boon for me … Continue reading Bunicuta de Aur


Today’s is International Women’s Day, increasingly important in the United States but a long-time holiday of major standing here in Romania. And so you’d think that I’d be quite happy about the fact that the new Ponta 3 cabinet has a number of female members, including Ioana Maria Petrescu, the new Minister of Public Finance. After all, she’s relatively young (age 34) and thus not … Continue reading Aioli