Wild Dogs Kill Romanian Bison

Here’s an interesting story if you don’t mind a bit of hyperbole: Huge financial efforts, determination and manpower dedicated to protecting a species that was close to extinction in Europe 100 years ago went down the drain in Romania, after a pack of feral stray digs attacked and killed some of the very few bison in the Southern Carpathians. This story was written by a … Continue reading Wild Dogs Kill Romanian Bison

Trigger Happy Cops in Ilfov

Well just a day after I lauded the peacefulness of Romania’s law enforcement officers, I came across this story (Rom) about a guy who was shot by police in Ilfov and died of his wounds. I know nothing about this case except for what’s in the news report but it looks like what the U.S. Marines used to call a clusterf–k: Bărbatul fusese surprins, în … Continue reading Trigger Happy Cops in Ilfov