Indian Director Freezing His Nuts Off in Romania

My Twitter feed has been exploding lately as a popular director named Vikhram Bhatt has been howling about winter while shooting on location near Sinaia: [Bhatt] is all praise for the local crew who are hospitable and helpful, teaching their `brave’ Indian counterparts how to survive the Transylvania winter. “They are telling us what food to eat and how we can protect ourselves from the … Continue reading Indian Director Freezing His Nuts Off in Romania

Slippery fish

Wow! It looks like the traffic police in Ploiești had themselves quite an adventure Sunday night when an “aggressive female driver” led them on a lengthy chase. You can see Realitatea’s video report here or read about it in greater length here (all links in Romanian) but it seems like a drunk (or high) female driver, a family doctor by day, was pulled over during … Continue reading Slippery fish