Our Official Wedding Registry

Well, as most of you already know, I am very excited about my upcoming marriage.

A number of people have asked about giving gifts (other than money). No problem! While it is traditional for people to give newlyweds housewares (dishes, pots, pans, etc), Cristina have what we need. But we love to learn!

So if you are interested in giving us a gift, here is our official wedding registry. It is hosted and organized by Amazon for one simple reason – we love books!

If you’d like to gift us a the gift of knowledge and education, just click on the link and choose a book from the list. It’ll get sent to us here in Moldova automatically, so once you click, it’ll be on its way. Cool eh?

Don’t forgive my gift to all of you: either my brand-new cat book (for free!) or else my Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania book (also for free!).

So what do you say? Books for books? Knowledge for knowledge? Sounds absolutely fabulous to me :)

PS – I’ve gotten a TON of amazing, wonderful, and positive messages from so, so, so, so many people. So awesome! If you’d like to pass on some positive energy, either drop me a comment here or contact me in another way.


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