The Moldavian Wedding Massacre

My friend Matt recently published an excellent primer on weddings in Romania (and Moldova), and it reminded me of one of the weirdest episodes of television ever broadcast in the United States. Way back in 1985, at a time when Romanians were suffering from severe energy and food shortages in an effort to pay back IMF bankers, over in America, a soap opera about silly … Continue reading The Moldavian Wedding Massacre

Adrian Mutu Gets Married Yet Again

The soccer (football) player who was once the Great White Hope of Romania managed to get married for the third time in his life. Mutu recently published photos taken in the Cuban resort of Varadero, where he apparently signed the marriage documents alongside his partner. It appears the two are alone, although Mutu said in an Instagram post that they were surrounded by friends. Mutu … Continue reading Adrian Mutu Gets Married Yet Again