Read my TWO new books for free!


Oh sweet, I wrote two awesome new books!

My 2 new awesome EROTIC ADVENTURE stories for adults
My 2 new awesome EROTIC ADVENTURE stories for adults

Oh wait, did I mention these two books are very explicit adult books with very vivid descriptions of intimate acts?


I know, I know. For some of you, it’s kind of a shock that I’m now branching out into writing “porno” books. But I have a feeling that most people reading this will chuckle at learning that I’ve spent a lot of fun and creative hours writing “dirty” short stories.

But it’s much, much more than that. And since I am such a proud author, here comes a long winded explanation about why I loved writing these books so much. But if you don’t wait to wait a second longer then click here to get your hands on these books today!

Author’s Note

A few years ago, I finally broke down and summoned the courage to write a book. It was a non-fiction book, a travel guide for a country (Romania). That experienced turned out quite well and so then I wrote a few more books. But then I wanted to try something new, and so I dove into new waters and wrote a novel – a book of fiction.

The first book was an adrenaline-packed suspense ride to solve a mystery. And then the next fiction book that I wrote became a science fiction young adult novel that intertwined post-Apocalyptic survivor conditions into the coming of age story of a warrior girl.

And it was around this time that I decided to challenge myself and try writing for a new genre. What would that be? Well, the answer that I came up with was: Romance.

Women buy a lot of books, and a lot of people buy books that fall under the category of “Romance”. It’s not my place to judge such a genre, but based on the Romance books that I read, that style of prose wasn’t that appealing to me. But everyone has their own tastes and Romance books are a profitable business enjoyed by thousands of fans and their writers.

Could I compete in that crowded sea? No. But one of the truisms of the Romance genre is that it primarily focused on women. I began to wonder what a Romance book would look like that was focused on men – or stories written for men.

I looked at what’s out there and most of it is terrible, either watered down versions of Romance stories that are written for women or else you get bored after 50 pages into preachy morality story. I wanted something fresh and new – and if it were truly targeted to guys (or at least more male readers than typical Romance books get) then I wanted to write something interesting.

And then I realized that it would be much more fun to write erotic stories. I’d already written “steamy” scenes in my previous book, but I wanted to go naked into the arena and write all of those intense details. It’s sometimes easier to use writing to create inchoate fantasies that leave much to the imagination. I wanted to go bare knuckled into the ring and write the raw details.

A flash and an image is hot, but writing is slow. I didn’t want to write one long clinical description of what was supposed to be a stimulating piece of prose. If you’re the reader and you’re not aroused, the whole exercise is invalid. But how to do squeeze extra juice out of each encounter? The answer that I came up with was: adventure.

Guys like adventure stories, so why not combine the suspenseful arc of an adventure story with explicit overtones? I definitely liked that idea but I imposed one stipulation on my writing: the story had to stand “on its own” even without the “pornographic” bits. In other words, an ordinary person would enjoy the story even if all the explicit scenes have been censored out. If the story could hold up by itself, I wagered it would be a perfect counterpoise to the “family friendly” adventure in the story.

But even adhering to all of these conditions, what story would I write? The width and breath of the “adult” world is staggering. How could I ever squeeze all those fantasies and fetishes into one epic? I then realized that what made much more sense was to focus on short stories – each one a tight tale that focused on a particular erotic encounter.

As it turned out, it worked out great. I visited a few adult sites and made a list of the most common categories of porn. I then challenged myself to write a bevy of short stories that collectively included as many of those elements as possible. I then dubbed them EROTIC ADVENTURES.

I then decided to challenge myself further. I not only wanted to write fun and stimulating EROTIC ADVENTURES, but to write them in a variety of categories of ordinary “clean” fiction. I wrote a horror story, a detective tale, a romance tale, a spicy sci-fi scenario, a lusty comedy piece, a delicate look at the experience of getting closer to furry friends, an encounter with the supernatural, a confessional missive and a thrilling fight for survival story.

And last but not least, I also wrote these series of stories as a way to protest what I feel is creeping censorship in the United States and other countries. As far as I am concerned, words on a page are a harmless fantasy, and anything and everything that people want to imagine (and write about) for their own pleasure should be permitted. But through a virtually bombproof blockade by both credit card companies and major book (especially Ebook) distributors, certain kinds of fiction are almost impossible to sell.

I think this is ridiculous.

My way to protest these arbitrary and unfair moral impositions by a group of unknown (and most certainly unelected) people was to put digital pen to paper and push the envelope, to write all the way up to the half yard line, just to demonstrate how silly and arbitrary many of these morality censorship rules are. That meant pushing some boundaries – not just corporate boundaries but also (sometimes) the personal boundaries of the readers. Nonetheless, I am very happy to report that none of the completely imaginary and fictional people in my stories were hurt in any way.

The idea of writing these stories sounded like a fun challenge, so with no more adieu after this very long introduction, I present to you my amazing tales of EROTIC ADVENTURES!

The Red PillThe good news is that you can read these stories TODAY for FREE. Yes, that’s right. Due to a long-running dispute I’ve had with Amazon, I decided to publish these two books completely free at Smashwords.

No credit numbers or other financial information is required, only a free account on the Smashwords website. Log on right now and download these 2 books in seconds in a variety of formats, including the popular EPUB, Mobi and even plain PDF versions.

What could be simpler?

Here’s what you get in The Red Pill:

In THE RED PILL, a frustrated and horny teenager named Robert wonders if he’ll ever score. Desperate to lose his virginity, Robert asks his best friend Deke for advice. But when Deke offers a tantalizing shortcut to seducing the most beautiful supermodel in the world, Robert learns that nothing comes without paying a price.

In THE POLAROID, young Lucy Kitteridge is startled to find an explicit close-up photograph of a man in the pocket of her new coat. Lucy becomes fascinated by the photo and, together with the help of her best friend Danielle, she decides to track down the person behind the revealing image in the photograph, leading to a very erotic encounter with the mystery man.

On a beautiful summer’s day, two men and three young women decide to head to THE LAKE, a remote rural spot where they can indulge in all of their budding sexual desires. Stimulated by the warm rays of the sun and a healthy frolic in the waters of the lake, soon these randy adults find themselves lustily enjoying one another.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But wait! I also wrote a second book called Swept Away:

Swept Away

With her rustic cabin situated on the fringe of the beautiful Arizona desert, best-selling author Amy Lindberg feels like she’s arrived in paradise. But when she makes the fateful decision to go skinny dipping in the powerful river, Amy soon finds that she’s being SWEPT AWAY towards a wanton encounter with a barbaric stranger.

In SIMON THE CAT, demure Mariposa is heartbroken after the death of her beloved fiancé just one day before their wedding. But then the gods of romance intervene to give her an intimate night with her soulmate.

A couple’s weekend retreat to a luxurious mansion threatens to turn sour but the mood begins to sweeten when unexpected erotic adventures blossom in NORDIC BLUE.

In THE ACCIDENTAL AFFAIR, a healthy young American man recounts a wildly lurid vacation on a nude beach in Europe that tested the limits of which temptations he can – and cannot – resist.

Wow! What could more amazing than SEVEN exciting stories, all available completely for free? No tricks and no scams, just 60,000+ words of pure reading enjoyment at no cost to you.

If these stories sound interesting to you, click on the link today and start reading. And after you’re done, be sure to log back on and give my books a review. I spent hundreds of hours writing these books for your enjoyment and an honest review helps other readers out there find good material to read.

FAQ about these 2 books

  • All characters and personages in my stories are 18 years old or older
  • Even though I love Romania, there isn’t any connection in any of my stories to Romania
  • These books are distributed in a digital (eBook) format ONLY – I have no plans right now for a paperback “hardcopy” version
  • Any adult with a computer, tablet, laptop, mainframe, smartphone or ebook device can download and start reading my stories in 60 seconds or less


7 thoughts on “Read my TWO new books for free!

  1. I have 3 issues about your books:
    1 It is funny that they are for free, but the other ones-balada supravietuitorului are not. Why is that? Are you trying to corrupt us? :-))
    2 Stories are kind of boring and predictable
    3 I was just wondering if you were aware that by writeing this people will no longer think you stayed in romania because you are a cia agent, or an eccentric american, they will just think you are a “classic” pervert taking advantage of the good image forreing people have here to have sex easyer.


    1. “to corrupt us”?
      Try to write a book and then try to live being a writer and pay your bills. People rather watch a porno site than reading good stories, LOL.

      If women in Eastern Europe have this image about themselves – “forreing people have here to have sex easyer” – try to reread this article and actually paying attention – “Even though I love Romania, there isn’t any connection in any of my stories to Romania”.

      Good job Sam!


      1. First observe the :-)) at the end of my first point, the one with “to corrupt” it means i was laughing, and that shows i considered i was making a joke. Secondly, your logic does not stand, if he is a writer, and lives from the money he makes from writeing, than why not ask money for these books as well.
        For your second paragraph, what i was wondering was if sam made a statement or a mistake, not that i care either way.

        By the way, not only wour logic does not make sense, but your syntax as well : if women …try to reread the article and actually paying atention…wth? what does the women’s image about themselves have to do with weather i should or not read something? What is the conection of romanian women’ s image about themselves have to do with what i was saing, or what sam was writing? Or what i was reading? If you have something to say, can you please say it in a way that makes sense?


  2. Sam, honestly, you look/read like a smart guy but still…seems like you’re bond to do each and every mistake in the book :-(
    More and more ammo is provided by yourself in the hands of the Romanian authorities: in 2017 it would be very easy for them to catalog you as a shady person(a pornographer, mind you!), besides being a political risk, in order to keep you out and away from the Unicorn City!
    Damn, dude, in the ole’ Eastern Europe you have to act wise regarding the authorities, not smart -it’s just not enough.


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