From Russia, With Love

Well, I’ve been indulging in my logorrheal tendencies recently so let’s keep it short and sweet today and look at a picture that I took at my local supermarket.


In case your Russian is a little rusty, the one on the left is the spicy/hot (Ro: iute) version. Also, it’s not just that the labels are in Russian, this ketchup is made in Russia.

But wait, what about the sanctions? Not hurting Heinz at all. In fact, sales in Russia are helping to offset losses in Western Europe.

Remember kids, business is business. The American Secretary of State (equivalent to Foreign Minister) is John Kerry and his “job” these days seems to be criticizing and threatening Russia. But Kerry’s wife‘s last name is Heinz and she’s extremely rich precisely because of Heinz’s global sales.

Americans tend to eat ketchup on hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries. Romanians (from Transylvania) put ketchup on their pizza. But Russians put ketchup on everything. Here in Moldova, I see people putting ketchup on chicken.

Add it all up and Russia is the #2 ketchup market in the entire world. So yeah, there won’t be any sanctions, and good old “American” Heinz ketchup will continue to flow in Russia.


3 thoughts on “From Russia, With Love

  1. I think I have a simple explanation regarding the Cyrillic script on product labels in Moldova, even if Heinz ketchup was actually included in the embargo: many of the locals are bilingual Russian and Romanian/Moldovan, with 16 percent of them claiming Russian as their first language. Heinz is simply trying to appeal to more people, expand its customer base in Moldova. Same likely applies to many other Soviet republics (now part of CIS) that peeled off after 1992.


  2. Wasn’t Heinz bought out by Warren Buffer and a Brazilian partner? It’s unlikely the Kerrys still own any stock, but could in Berkshire Hathaway.
    Still, keep looking Sam. Conflicts of interest and insider deals seem to be the un-prosecuted law of the land for the last 25 years, both in the west and the former Soviet Empire.


  3. “I am shocked, shocked to find that Heinz is being sold in Russia.”.
    “Er your profits Secretary Kerry”
    “Oh, thank you very much”
    “Everybody out at once! and impose those sanctions on that evil Putin”


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