Popularity Contest

Recently I’ve gotten a number of very kind, thoughtful messages, thanking me for various things that I’ve written. I’m always grateful when people find my work meaningful and so let this post serve as yet another collective thank you to everyone who visits this site.

Nonetheless, while I’m satisfied with my talents as a writer, it’s pretty obvious I’m a very bad blogger. I don’t know much about html coding (beyond the basic elements you see hand-coded in my posts) nor much about site maintenance, SEO and statistics.


Only yesterday I discovered that WordPress has a feature “celebrating” a person’s blog, with a cutesy little fireworks display and some graphics, one of which you can see above.

In order:

1) Comedy
2) Sex
3) Party
4) Gypsies
5) Alcohol

Those aren’t just the most popular posts in 2013 but the most popular posts in any year since I started writing this blog in 2010.

If you’ve read them then you’ll know they’re all very short posts, dealing with simple and fun topics, which are far more popular than my favorite posts, which you can read here, most of which are extremely lengthy.

I write what I write because I love doing it, pure and simple. If however you want a popular blog (that makes easy money), I suggest you take heed of the image above for suggestions on what to write.

After all, we know Click! sells more copies than Adevarul in Romania, Bild more copies than FAZ in Germany, the Daily Mail more copies than the Guardian in Britain and Elkstra Bladet more copies than Politiken in Denmark.

You don't need to speak a word of Danish to recognize clickbait
You don’t need to speak a word of Danish to recognize this is pure clickbait

Popular or not, I’ll continue to write what I want to write so if you enjoy my articles, have no fear.

And who knows? Maybe one year my lengthy series on monetary policy will be the most viewed articles :P

4 thoughts on “Popularity Contest

  1. Your writings, guides in all, make Romanian culture a little more accessible. Recently I asked Romanian FB friend reading recommendations concerning Romanians. I mentioned that I had read “The Land of Green Plums.” He provided a critique of sorts on “The Land of Green Plums,” but didn’t offer any books. I’ve noticed this trend with others and wonder why so many Romanians avoid directly answering my enquiries. This is such a mystery to me.


  2. Thank you, Sam. And yes, please do continue to write what you enjoy to write, and not what most of your readers expect you to. I wouldn’t trade “The Death of Cicerone Ionitoiu” on any of the five categories of most popular posts listed above.

    And now you know! Vai ce bine!


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