Like a G6

Muchisimas gracias to Digi24 who courteously invited me be on their two-hour show that focused (almost) entirely on Unicorn City.

You can watch all two hours here but I cut out all of my segments and put them on YouTube:

Since I promised to be more forthcoming about my personal life, I’ll post an addendum to the story that isn’t on the video.

Before we went on stage, I was talking to [REDACTED] in Romanian and I mentioned to him that there was no one in the audience. We were going live on the air in a big auditorium yet there was no one there to watch us in the flesh.

Me: What, no one here to watch us?
Him:: Yep, sorry, Sam, no girls here to throw their bras on stage for you.


Me: Wait until after I post this on my YouTube channel ;)


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