Media Acronyms

If you’re like me and you’re trying to learn Romanian by watching the news, you can sometimes get stymied by the (seemingly) hundreds of acronyms that the media uses here.

113596_fetita_nervoasaFor the past week or so I’ve been keeping a list of the ones I’ve seen. For your own elucidation, here they are in alphabetical order:

ANAF – The government agency in charge of collecting taxes
ANI – Gov’t agency created by the EU to prevent Romanian politicians from having conflicts of interest while they are in office
ANM – Official weather agency
ANP – Gov’t agency in charge of prisons
ANPC – Gov’t agency in charge of “protecting” the consumer
ANSVSA – Gov’t agency in charge of food quality and animals
BM – World Bank
CCR – Supreme Court of Romania
CE – European Council/Commission
CEDO – European Court of Human Rights
CJ – county council
CJAS – Gov’t agency in charge of health insurance
CM – World Cup
CNA – Gov’t agency in charge of regulating and issuing licenses for the media
CNADNR – Gov’t agency in charge of building/maintaining roads
CNAS – Gov’t agency in charge of ensuring public health
CNS – National Szekeler Council
CSM – Superior Council of Magistrates, in charge of all court judges in Romania
CSSPP – Gov’t agency in charge of pensions
CTP – Cristian Tudor Popescu, journalist
CVT – Cornel Vadim Tudor, politician
DD – Dan Diaconescu, politician/media
DIICOT – Gov’t agency roughly equivalent to American FBI
DNA – Gov’t agency created by EU to investigate and prosecute corruption cases
EVZ – newspaper Evenimentul Zilei
FMI – International Monetary Fund
HNNE – Habar n-am nici eu
ICCJ – Highest criminal court in Romania
ICR – Gov’t agency “Romanian Cultural Institute”
IGPF – administrative division of the national police force
IML – Equivalent to American CSI, forensic investigators
IMM – Small and medium sized businesses
ISC – State Inspectorate for Construction
JO – Olympic Games
MADR  – Agricultural Ministry
MAE – Foreign Ministry
MAI – Ministry of the Interior
MApN – Defense Ministry
MDRAP – Ministry of Regional Development
MFP – Public Finances ministry
MISCSDT – Ministry of Science and Research
MJ – Justice Ministry
MRU – Mihai Razvan Ungureanu
MT – Transportation Ministry
ONU – United Nations
PC – Conservative Party
PDL – Democratic Liberal Party
PIB – Gross Domesticl Product (GDP)
PNL – National Liberal Party
PNTCD – National Peasants Party
PPDD – Dan Diaconescu’s Popular Party
PRM – Great Romania Party
PSD – Social Democrat Party
RA-APPS – agency in charge of managing gov’t-owned real estate
RL – newspaper Romania Libera
RTV – TV station Romania TV
SIE – equivalent to American CIA
SIIAS – equivalent to American police SWAT teams
SRI – domestic spy agency
SRS – Sorin Rosca Stanescu
STS – equivalent to American NSA
SUA – the United States of America
TVR – gov’t operated series of public television channels
UDMR – Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania Party
UE – European Union
USL – Union of Liberal Socialists, alliance between PSD, PC and PDL parties
ZF – newspaper, Ziarul Financiar

Hope this helps you!

4 thoughts on “Media Acronyms

  1. To be honest, I’ve been here for over 12.5 years, and still can’t seem to remember ALL of the acronyms. You could add to your list all of the acronyms for political parties , there’s a ton of them out there (although you did mention a few).


  2. In my best Bevis and Butt Head imitation…Uuuuuhhh, eehhh…Did you see that? Wow…what a list. Quick, copyright your work…


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