Lay on, Macduff!

I have to admit that yesterday my curiosity was greatly piqued by the way certain information was transmitted. The big “super immunity” story, by which the Romanian Parliament re-classified themselves as private sector employees in order to escape jurisdiction by the anti-corruption agencies, was a hot topic all over Romanian media yesterday. What surprised me though was that Alison Mutler and the crew down at … Continue reading Lay on, Macduff!

Sowing the Wind

What else can I say except that I told you it was going to happen? Mattanza di cani in Romania #romania #dogs #massacre LA CIVILTÀ NON RISOLVE COSÌ I PROBLEMI — Federica Chirico (@FedericaChirico) September 25, 2013 #SHAMEONYOUROMANIA #STOPKILLINGDOGS #romaniastopanimalabuse — Sarah J (@binnie12000) September 25, 2013 Romanian court: Stray dogs can be euthanized BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — A bill allowing stray … Continue reading Sowing the Wind