Je plie et ne romps pas

Well my apologies for not posting anything in the last few days. The problem is that my internet has been completely screwed up and I’ve been lucky to get 30 minutes a day of online time.

If you remember my post from way back called Plumbing Fun on a Saturday Night then you can get an idea of what my internet situation has been like. The big difference this time however is that my internet is from UPC, a major provider here in Romania and they should be a little more professional.

upc_logoSadly, we had to call them about 10 times and they sent out some technicians a total of five friggin’ times before they got the problem resolved. Or at least I’m crossing my fingers that it’s resolved because I have zero faith in these guys.

Yeah, their bandwidth (when it works) is great but they sent over a couple of incompetent doofuses and it’s clear they had no idea how to fix the problem. All they did was keep trying things blindly (including swapping out modems and TV decoder box) until something worked.

Furthermore, their customer service people down at the main office here in Unicorn City in P-ta Unirii were complete dicks when I tried to return an old cable box that I somehow had packed in my luggage. It was from my old apartment and when I told them that, they told me that only the person on the contract (i.e. my old landlord) could return the box. WTF? I told them that my former landlord is in Spain and they said (I swear to God), “Well good for them” but then it was still supposedly “impossible” for them to take this cable box (which I might add, belongs to UPC and has their corporate logo stamped on it).

So after hearing “nu se poate” (it can’t be done) about 20 times in a row I just shoved the goddamn cable box across the table at them and said “da, se poate” and then left. I’m sure they hate me down there but frankly my patience has run out so they can fuck off as far as I’m concerned.

In other news, I did get a heck of a lot of work done even with all this offline time and soon, I mean soon I’ve got some really awesome news to announce. That totally cool iPad book I mentioned before is now done and awaiting submission. I’ve got two other pieces of good news in terms of digital books online and once those are all cool and smooth I’ll definitely write about it.

Tomorrow however (guaranteed) is something HUGE, something I’ve been working on for months and months so stay tuned for that!

Until then, stay dry (we’re having record rains and flooding here in Europe) and thanks for your support!

3 thoughts on “Je plie et ne romps pas

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  2. great way to complain about having the fastest internet speed in europe and 3rd in the world.complain complain, and then you tell romanians they complain too much. i repeat that. romania has the fastest internet speed in europe by far. but he has no idea.great


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