3 thoughts on “First day on the job

  1. Problem is he will make about 600 lei with that job, or less, will he be able to pay the rent later on? Having worked with very poor Romanian immigrants to France (mostly Roma) there’s quite a few that have had these kind of jobs which are insufficient in providing a decent living if the couple has a child (and usually they have more than one). And most even owned their own houses back in Romania (think ‘hovel’ more than ‘house’). So, supposing both work and they make 1000 lei a month, I’m guessing about 700 will go just to paying the rent. Now add ‘administratia’ and they’re left with very little.

    I fully support your idea, and it’s a great way of showing that where there’s a will there’s a way, I’m just saying that you’ll have some more work to do to get these people to some level of self-sufficiency. Some kind of education will be necessary, probably in some kind of trade since I doubt they’ll be able to go to our very abstract-oriented schooling system.

    Good luck,


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