Party like a Rock Star

Oh my certain goodness, I do apologize for the lack of posting recently.

Quite honestly I have suddenly increased my Rock Star Quotient for some reason or another. What’s certain is that literally the last six times I have gone into town I have had completely unknown people come up to me and tell me how much they support what I’m doing and the things I’ve said.

That’s pretty damn cool, I must say. People (aka Romanians) always act completely astonished that I would want to live here. Uh, have you seen my life? Hello! LOL and lately it’s just gotten even better. Why wouldn’t I live here?

So that’s been a hell of a lot of fun. What’s also been cool is that likewise an enormous number of people have been giving me free alcohol. It doesn’t help if you want to post more frequently on your blog (lol) but it sure is pretty sweet when you’re out and about in town. People have been contacting me just to ask if they can give me free liquor in the future. I love it!

Just recently I was in a restaurant with some people, a particular restaurant here in Cluj that doesn’t even serve Cola much less alcohol. Nonetheless in walks this guy who bought my very first Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania and thunks down two bottles of wine. “Here, I had a party at my house last night and this is what we didn’t drink.” So while everyone’s eating some mediocre food I’m enjoying my third consecutive night of free alcohol.

Good lord, can you even believe it? And I’m not even going to tell you the even crazier things that have been going on lately as well.

I get it if you’re Romanian and your life sucks. I was out in Baciu on Monday to take my adopted kid to work on his first day to make sure it all went great (which it did – Rosal is a company that does shady shit but their ground level employees are all awesome people I must say).

If you’ve never had the “pleasure” of visiting Baciu, all you’re missing is a depressed hellhole of ancient blocuri of the kind that give Eastern Europe that special “flavor”. Everyone’s standing on the gravel and mud shoulder of the main road, waiting on a bus to take them into Cluj. It’s bitterly fucking cold and even colder because the constant vehicular traffic creates a perpetual wind.

Living like that, yeah I admit that sucks. But the better my life gets, the more things I can do and hopefully it’ll grow until it gets even to those poor commuters in Baciu. Or all the other Romanians trapped in shit towns full of icy, muddy roads, squeezing their money together so maybe one day they can buy a bus ticket to some city in Western Europe and perform menial labor.

If that’s your brightest future, yeah I do get why you complain. What I’m saying now, yesterday and probably forevermore is that there is a way out and it’s as simple (and as difficult) as getting a different perspective on things. That’s my “job” and that’s why my deal is to be a kind of a rock star. For a lengthy list of reasons, clearly my being different gives Romanians permission to listen to what I have to say.

So bring on the wine and the dancing girls and together we’ll do some wonderfully positive things for this really awesome country that I love :)

5 thoughts on “Party like a Rock Star

  1. Eu am aterizat in Ha Noi pe 27 Oct si cind m-au cheamt la ghiseu sa-mi dea pasaportul mi-au zis that’s all eu foarte contrariat cu cei fix 25$ in brate, nu trebuie sa platesc ?! Raspunsul a fost for Romania is free , asa ca am in pasaport o stampila cu FREE FEE PAID .


  2. Nice one. And I don’t only mean the free booze:)
    Life for some can be awesome in places where life is not awesome for all, which is a mixed blessing.
    So I’m completely with you. Let’s do some good stuff for the awesome countries we love while not forgetting why life sucks for those not as lucky as we are…


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