Nu-i pust

Over the years I’ve gone back and forth over the comment section on this website. Most of the time it drives me nuts, knowing as I do that the average statistic is that 1 reader in a thousand writes a comment, the vast majority of people just reading the stuff on here, which if comments are included then adds a strong statistical bias to what’s being said.

In shorter words, a few people dominate the addendum portion of what’s written here and may not, in fact most certainly do not reflect the views of the you the (probably) silent reader.

That being said, every once in a while a really interesting one comes along and makes it all worthwhile. Here it is in the original Romanian:

Incep sa cred ca Sam chiar lucreaza pt guvernul american ca un fel de spion modern, si prin spion nu ma refer la tot ce vedeti prin filme, cu impuscaturi si crime etc…Cred ca el doar aduna informatii si incearca sa o faca intr-un mod cat mai pe fata dar fara sa se observe…Cine stie cate mesaje cod se ascund in postarile lui :))….si la capatul celalalt al lumii vezi niste oameni in costum descifrandu-le…cel mai eficient spionaj e cel facut pe fata, parand prea evident ca sa fie spionaj…dar fie, daca asta e cazul, eu zic ca americanii oricum sunt mai buni decat rusii, desi singura problema e ca sunt departe de noi…spionati linistiti ca gasiti doar mentalitate proasta si prostie pe aici :))

Since a lot of you don’t speak Romanian, I’ll translate it as well as give it the response it deserves.

I’m starting to think that Sam really does work for the American government as a kind of modern spy, and by “spy” I don’t mean those that you see on films, with jails and murders, etc…

Awesome! I just wish my check wouldn’t keep getting lost in the mail :)

I just think that he gathers information and tries to put it out there hidden in plain sight. Who knows what kind of hidden messages are in his posts :))

Hey, that reminds me of my favorite song from my childhood: The Swedish Rhapsody.

I can just see those guys dressed up in suits on the other side of the planet deciphering them. The best way to be a spy is to hide in plain sight because then it seems patently ridiculous that they are actually spying.

I’ve always been curious what kind of crucial information is out here in Romania to be spied upon, worth going through the elaborate effort of obtaining it :)

But if it’s true, I say better the Americans than the Russians. Too bad the Americans are so far away from us.

Тишина подскажет грусти позабытый мотив *sadface*

All the spies can relax in this country because all they’ll find is a stupid mentality and lots of foolishness around here :))

I wouldn’t say that!

Is there a coded message hidden in this picture?
Is there a coded message hidden in this picture?

In reality, of course, I understand all of this kind of response because the author is right, there is something going on, it’s just doesn’t have anything to do with working for governments.

Certainly there are people who do actually do those things and I’m not never saying I never met any of ’em, but it isn’t me. That I can guarantee you. Giving support to a ruling elite in exchange for a handful of silver isn’t my thing. I think if you read through a few more of my posts you’ll find that I don’t “play nice” with authority, to put it mildly.

But all that being true, there are coded messages in a lot of the stuff I write. Yes, of course they are “hidden” in plain sight because I don’t consider them hidden at all. They’re all right there for you to look at and understand at any time.

Now why I write like that and who those messages are for will have to be the subject of a much longer response. And if there are any “men in suits” listening in, welcome aboard and enjoy the show :)

Thanks to all of you out there and keep reading!

8 thoughts on “Nu-i pust

  1. You must be hiding from something if you don’t give your real name anywhere on this blog or in your books. My guess is you’re running from having to pay child support payments or some other sort of white collar crime back the USA.


  2. There are a few things about this blog that worry me deeply:

    1. There is a hidden strange occult symbol on the very lower left side of the blog (looks like a smiley, but IS IT REALLY a smiley?). That’s western iconography coming to disrupt the True faith of the Romanians.
    2. The all-seeing-eye in the header in case you had any doubts that Sam is also a free-mason preaching the new world order (I guess that’s what free-masons do when they’re bored with building stuff out of blocks of stone. Maybe they should just try Lego or something for once)
    3. There’s electromagnetic radiation coming out of my screen every time I visit this site which is no doubt part of Sam’s machinations

    Sam, you should drop the coded messages, that’s Dan Brown territory and you don’t wanna go there.

    And remember: no day without fish, no blog without a conspiracy nut.


      1. Hi Karen! My memory of The Da Vinci Code is fuzzy, but I think the main deal there was the Priory of Sion, a sort of mokced-up version of a heretical organization. (Dan Brown didn’t do the mocking up – the Priory founder did when he kludged a fake history for them. What Dan Brown did do is claim the Priory of Sion was genuine in the preface to his novel.)Again, it’s been a while since I read the book. Because I consume a great deal of conspiracy theory as a hobby, I’ve mostly forgotten Dan Brown’s account.


    1. Erm.. ignore the message above, nothing to see here.

      — [REDACTED]

      PS. Sam, how do you send private messages on this thing?


  3. Who really cares who spies for whom anyway. Information is widely available for well and ill meaning people all over the net…the intelligence bureau(s) of any country just need to be connected. With all the blogs, FB pages, sites etc…no need to look for hidden information. On this, I think Sam does a very good job of informing non-Romanians about how things work in Romania and particularly in the city where he lives, Cluj-Napoca, I can only thank him for that…since I too live in Cluj. Cheers!


  4. Too rich. Of course you know the more you deny such allegations the more people believe them. You must feel you are right back home in the USA with such fanfare. :-)


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