Official Book Launch Poster

Afis A3 Lansare carte balada.indd

Wow! These posters are going up in downtown Cluj as I write these very words. Awesome! Can you believe there’s going to be singing there? Holy cow!

If you’re in Cluj tomorrow and want to come get an autograph or just say hello (or try the delicious cabbage, yum!) then head on down to the “Varzarie” on Bulevardul Eroilor. It’s about 10 meters from the Cinema Victoria. Looks like all kinds of people are going to be there (click on the image for full-size) so it is going to be a heck of a show!

I will be appearing on TVR Cluj tomorrow at 12:30 pm (talking about the book) and 2:00 pm on Transilvania L!ve for those of you who want to watch it live. Otherwise I’ll do my best to grab the video to put here on the site next week.

BTW I got a spare one of these posters as a souvenir – SUPER COOL :)

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