Traditional Romanian Dishes Bucket List

Romanian cuisine is hearty, flavorful, and heavily influenced by the peoples that the area has come into contact with. Major influences have come by way of the Ottoman Empire as well as the Greeks. For example, the Turks brought meatballs and meat filled cabbage rolls (“sarmale”) with them; whereas the Greeks came with the moussaka (“musaca”). Also, what you may not already know is that cuisines … Continue reading Traditional Romanian Dishes Bucket List

Official Book Launch Poster

Wow! These posters are going up in downtown Cluj as I write these very words. Awesome! Can you believe there’s going to be singing there? Holy cow! If you’re in Cluj tomorrow and want to come get an autograph or just say hello (or try the delicious cabbage, yum!) then head on down to the “Varzarie” on Bulevardul Eroilor. It’s about 10 meters from the … Continue reading Official Book Launch Poster

Slang Word of the Day: Varza

Probably one of my all-time vegetables to eat in Romania is varza, known in English by its less mellifluous name of “cabbage”. That being said, the word “varza” has a variety of slang usages, to wit: A (se) face (sau a ajunge, a fi etc.) varză = a (se) distruge, a (se) degrada, a (se) zdrențui Parsing this out it means something like “worn out” … Continue reading Slang Word of the Day: Varza