How Sweet It is!

Holy shit! I cannot believe it but we are all set to unveil my latest project. In case you can’t guess by the cover image above, FINALLY, i mean finally, my book Balada Supravietuitorului is going to be published in Romania.


I don’t know how long you’ve been reading this website but me, the author, had to dig way back in the archives to find the beginning of this story, named appropriately enough Cabbage and Tuica. Yes, it’s been just shy of 2 years since I first approached those guys about my book and only now is it hitting the printers. Jesus!

If you live in Unicorn City, you can come this Saturday, December 1 (Ziua Nationala of course!) at 1700 (5pm) to the self-same Varzarie (see the original story) on Bulevardul Eroilor. There will be all kinds of people there, including from the radio and TV, and even one guy whom I won’t mention now but I’ve written about him before (*coughcough* he’s from the Primarie). Yes! All kinds of people will be speaking and then there will be books for sale there and autographs and who knows what other kind of hijinks and antics on my part (oh and PLENTY of delicious cabbage).

For the rest of Romania, it is already listed on the website of my publisher (soooo sweet to say that). You can find the link CHIAR AICI from Editura Eikon. Double hell yes!

Just for the record, the whole crew down there at Eikon have been extremely good to me throughout the past two years it’s just that this is how things “work” in Romania, as in super fucking painfully slow. There’s about a million reasons for this but I’ll get into that later. Let’s just say now is time to pop some champagne and celebrate! Whee! :):):)

In OTHER news, I have now done one newspaper article and two television interviews, all of which will pop off (be published/broadcast) either tomorrow or Saturday. For those of you who like my cats, there’s a good chance they might be on TV as well as they got filmed :)

I’ll also be live on TVR Cluj and my old pals on Transilvania L!ve in direct on Saturday as well. Links will be coming as I get ’em and I’ll do my best to grab and upload the videos as per my usual procedure. In the meantime, Project 747 and Project Iceberg continued to unfold in the background so stay tuned for big announcements on these soon.

In the meantime however…. hey look at me, I’m in the company of Liviu Rebreanu and Mihai Eminescu, published in Romania, baby!!


Thanks to all of you for your support! BTW in case you’re wondering, the version of Balada Supravietuitorului sold on AMAZON.COM is 99% the same text but with a different cover.

The sweet art you see on my Romanian edition was created by a cool guy here that worked with me and I just love it. There are lots of more cool pictures on the back and with the “author’s photo” at the end of the book but you’ll have to buy it to see them! :)

The next time someone tells you oh that’s impossible tell them “Oh yeah well that’s what they said about a drunken American bum who learned Romanian in his 30’s good enough to write a fucking book in that language!” LOL!!

Nothing is impossible. You just have to dream big enough :)

3 thoughts on “How Sweet It is!

  1. Congratulations, indeed there ehxists a MAFIA beind the books industry. They publish any sh… from a top model or famous singer not by literary quality but just because de name.
    I start to learn Romanian just weeks ago because his culture and history and be independent from translations where the things are changed to fullfill political intentions.
    Success for you work.


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