Flower and Cat

Mercy, well the past 24 hours have been quite interesting indeed, which wore me out but I’m going to have to leave the details until later. Don’t worry, it’s good stuff!

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of a flower that I took back when it was warm. Although this plant has a proper name I call it the “semaphore flower” because it has the coolest system of blossoming first a red flower and then a yellow one and then a pink one, each one lasting but a day and then it seems to rotate them just like a traffic light.

I respect this plant because I didn’t put it in that pot on purpose – it just jumped on in from airborne seeds and started thriving. At first I thought it was rosemary but then it I found out that it wasn’t so it won’t be going in any food but it’s a very nice plant to look at.

My cat Noodles is visible in the background, also enjoying that last week of sun and heat. As always, click on the photo for the largest size.


2 thoughts on “Flower and Cat

  1. Ha ha ha, eu chiar am legat cu aţă colorată aceste flori cu scopul de a culege seminţele pe categorii de culori atunci când florile se usucă. Nu pot să cred că se modificau în fiecare zi…


  2. Floarea a fost plouata sau inrourata? Oricum e f. frumoasa iar fotografia e f. buna. Daca nu ma insel noi numim floarea asta “floare de piatra”.


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