Sherlock’s Mind Palace

You might remember a few days ago I wrote extensively about memory techniques including the “Method of Loci” or the “Memory Palace” technique of Simonides.

I was quite shocked but pleased to discover last night that in the second season of the BBC’s modernized television adaptation of Sherlock Holmes that they referenced the memory palace (although they call it the “mind” palace).

Since it was relevant to what I just wrote about that I decided to upload the clip, which you can see below:

Not shown in this clip is Sherlock actually accessing the “mind palace” because it’s hard to show such things visually and so the director chose to make Sherlock look a bit like a spasmodic orchestra conductor surfing the internet as he scanned his memories. Still though, the technique is genuine and I was glad to see it used in an interesting new way.

I don’t however have any memory of the Arthur C. Doyle Sherlock Holmes ever using this technique but I could be wrong. Why? Because my memory isn’t that good ;)

UPDATE: Okay it looks like YouTube is pitching a bitch so the Trilulilu link is here to the same video.

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