Melescanu Shits the Bed

Today, all of the local news stations are buzzing over the latest catastrophe from Romania’s foreign minister, Teodor Melescanu, in which he was caught red-handed in a BBC interview defending corruption: Ouch! Of course, it must be remembered that Melescanu is quite literally an old Communist dinosaur (link in Romanian) with a troubling history of supporting dictatorships. Bedfellows Melescanu was quite busy in 2018. Here’s … Continue reading Melescanu Shits the Bed

Sherlock’s Mind Palace

You might remember a few days ago I wrote extensively about memory techniques including the “Method of Loci” or the “Memory Palace” technique of Simonides. I was quite shocked but pleased to discover last night that in the second season of the BBC’s modernized television adaptation of Sherlock Holmes that they referenced the memory palace (although they call it the “mind” palace). Since it was … Continue reading Sherlock’s Mind Palace