No One Kills ‘Em Better

Well you’ll be happy to know, as confirmed by the White House during the NATO summit, the Romanian taxpayers will be chipping in some 30 million euros for five of these state of the art baby killing machines, otherwise known as “drones” or “unmanned aircraft”.


3 thoughts on “No One Kills ‘Em Better

  1. Sam maybe you should research Devshirme first and then ask anyone around here to have a lot of sympathy for muslims. I mean obviously I don’t want kids to be killed, but these people need stopping before they go back to their old ways (-> devshirme). And if US oil companies and defense contractors make a buck out of it so be it.


  2. Embrace the future!

    What’s with that baby-killing?! From all we know these will be unarmed drones so no-one will be harmed during this film… yet.


    1. I see quite just a few affiliate enrnrpteeeurs that shy away from selling excessive-value point products, thinking, “who’s going to want to purchase that?”. I’m with you, although – it’s excellent idea to supply a wide variety merchandise at totally different price points to appeal to wide range of consumers.


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