Much Ado About Nothing

I have to confess that I’ve become somewhat addicted to watching B1TV, especially their two-hour long program at 8pm, which features a group of people (usually politicians and/or journalists) sitting around debating, arguing and discussing what’s going on in Romania. Heck, I’ve always liked these kinds of shows ever since I was kid, even though yes they are often tedious, boring and ultimately mostly futile at accomplishing anything.

As I’ve written about before, even with all of the above being true, these types of shows are a kind of precious jewel in Romania because they are real expressions of freedom. In neither the old Communist system nor in America today (on television – radio is a little different) could you ever get the opportunity and the time to express and debate so many different viewpoints. I find it beautiful.

Last night the big topic though was the European Council meeting (link in English) and whether President Basescu or PM Skeletor will attend as Romania’s representative. So far I haven’t seen Alison Mutler or the brigands over at The Economist pick up on this but I imagine they will soon and I’m sure they’ll have some snide remarks to add.

Besides my own opinion on the topic, I’m thinking this is a pretty poor tactical move on Skeletor’s part as it’s going to sour a lot of people on his still brand-new time as prime minister. I mean he’s quite young, he is in the post due to parliamentary maneuvers (not a direct election) and so far he hasn’t delivered jack shit to the voters.

Grabbing the reigns of power (or trying to) at this stage just makes him look greedy and if he ends up getting rebuffed by a ruling he is going to look mighty foolish. And even if he wins what does he truly gain? Not much. Seems like another example of pretty poor risk management, hardly the thing to instill confidence in his leadership skills.


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  1. Chris Lie says:

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