Sinking Like a Stone

Out of my way, fools!

Just yesterday I wrote about yet more shenanigan’s from Ponta’s cabinet, which prompted a predictably uncivil response.

Today however I also saw happened to notice that now Ponta thinks TV stations shouldn’t report the fact that the Romanian currency is in the toilet. Obviously he’s worried that people are going to connect his government’s actions (or inactions) with the weakening currency.

All in all, I was wondering if my opinions were out of the norm or whether the opinions I’ve been hearing from people I know (Cluj has never been a PSD stronghold) were perhaps not representative of the country as a whole. But judging from the comments I’ve been reading on a wide variety of news sites, not to mention Twitter and other online sources, show that pretty much everybody is getting sick of this guy and his shenanigans. If this is his grand political strategy it looks like he is failing rather miserably as day after day the scandals and boorish behavior fill up the media.

Basescu, certainly with his fair share of critics, has been playing it real cool and not saying much of all, which is making him look more respectable and wise by the day. I think he’s been paying attention to the old maxim “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

One thought on “Sinking Like a Stone

  1. Sam, what happened to you? Where is the old Sam who wrote about the CFR experience, what to do when you meet gypsies, made historical analysis, deep but fun and interesting stuff? I’m not reffering to kittie pics.

    While I understand that politics is important and needs to be discussed…I feel you spend way to much time on it these days. Maybe you should turn off the TV for a month or go on a trip in a remote part of Romania, maybe even both. :P

    If you spend too much time on politics you’ll just get depressed. Not just Romanian, but politics in general. It contains enough crap to make any person that consumes it for long enough wish for death.


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