Looking Out My Back Door

Hey what’s this, growing just outside my back door all wild and untamed? Hmm, I wonder what I could do with this.

Harvest time: 90 seconds (including play time with the cat)
Monetary cost: 0 lei

Prep time: 2 minutes
Monetary cost: about 1.5 lei

Oh and did all of these vegetables come from Romania? Why, golly gee, they certainly did.

Oh snap, it’s a delicious salad just in time for the summer weather. Yum!

Boy, life in Romania sure is expensive and there’s nothing good about it whatsoever. How can anyone stand living here? :)

10 thoughts on “Looking Out My Back Door

  1. Sam, you should not to eat plants grown in a city’s soil, not even fruits from the trees. But well, I live in Bucharest…


  2. OK, I guess it makes sense someone out there’s eating those… but it still seems weird to me. I have lots of those around the house, but I’ve never looked at them and thought “mmm… that looks delicious” :))


  3. I like your sarcasm. Salata cu frunze de papadie – arata super; dar nu ti se par prea amare? Aici in US se vand in supermarket si la noi cred ca numai tu le mananci. Pofta buna!


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