Snow Drinks

Since we’re all living in a winter wonderland (aka the apocalypse LOL), I thought it was time for one of my favorite winter activities – snow drinks!

I realize Romanians generally have a fear and loathing of cold drinks but I’m here to tell you this is a delicious treat.

What do you need? A little bit of freshly fallen snow (shouldn’t be a problem!), an empty glass and your favorite drink. I recommend a carbonated drink for extra fun but here you can see I’ve got both a fruit juice as well as a cola selected.

Step 1: Fill the glass with snow!

Step 2: Pour your drink into the glass. What do you get?

The snow effectively acts like microscopic ice particles, partially melting and chilling the drink to its absolutely lowest (liquid) temperature. The carbonation infuses some of the snow, making that “cola ice” you see on top a delicious treat!

Ice from machines or made from tap water can never match the crisp, delicious taste of freshly fallen snow. Yammi!

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