It’s Just Code Orange, Not The Apocalypse

I got to tell you I really am starting to really become a fan of the new PDL/UDMR Superstar Cabinet of Ministers™. This morning I had to laugh as I saw Gabriel Berca, the new Interior Minister, blast a bunch of complaining politicians in a videoconference with them yesterday afternoon:

Nu discutăm despre apocalipsă, ci intrăm într-o perioadă de cod portocaliu’, a spus Berca în videoconferinţa cu prefecţii din Bucureşti şi din cele 31 de judeţe care vor fi afectate de ninsorile abundente din zilele următoare.

“Să nu văd preşedinţi de consilii judeţene la TV. Nu este timp de aşa ceva. Nu vă faceţi campanie, nu avem timp de aşa ceva”, a mai fost mesajul ministrului în videoconferinţă.

In essence he said “It’s not the apocalypse, just “code orange” conditions for snow so quit grandstanding.” If there’s one thing Romanians love to do, it’s hyperventilate and exaggerate when it comes to problems, sheesh so I sure was glad to see this.

To his credit he also noted that things are far, far worse in neighboring Serbia (and Bosnia and Montenegro) where not only are they in “code red” conditions but that there is a state of emergency in place and citizens are being drafted to help remove the snow.

Meanwhile I’m sure most of you know that the Romanian Army has not only been helping remove the snow and dig out some communities but has been flying in tons of food that they are collecting from people in all major cities. Frankly I support this as well 100% but it’s interesting to note that if this were happening in the United States, there would be dark rumors about a fascist takeover of the nation.

Romania’s army thankfully doesn’t have a lot of actual fighting to do, or guarding against hostile neighbors. If their mission is to defend this country then flying in food and helping dig out isolated villages seems to be a very appropriate thing for them to do. It’s also one of those things that help the actual soldiers strengthen their bonds with the community. I remember full well talking to witnesses of the 1989 revolution here in Cluj and how the people who were shot during that week were killed by an army unit. It doesn’t seem like much of a risk now (thank goodness) but flying in food helps prevent future atrocities like that.

And the last piece of positive news that made me smile is watching all of the news channels fall over themselves by seeing who can deliver the most food to those poor souls trapped in the snow in southeastern Romania. Just about everybody wins in these kinds of competitions and it’s been great to see all of the people of Romania set aside their differences and chip in (as they always seem to do, which is awesome) to help out their fellow citizens in a time of need. Whether due to floods or mountains of snow, Romanians are surprisingly generous when it comes to donating food and supplies.

Great way to start off a Monday morning!

8 thoughts on “It’s Just Code Orange, Not The Apocalypse

  1. For some reason most Romanians, about 60% of them, still trust the Army as an institution; this trust is second only to that in the Church, though both of them (like all Romanian institutions) have been losing ground in recent years.

    Me, I’m not your average Romanian as it appears. While I’m mostly ambivalent towards the Army and I’d probably enlist if it ever came to a war (God forbid), I friggin’ hate BOR (Biserica Ortodoxă Română). And I’m not even an atheist :))


    1. Giuseppe:the fact that you are not an atheist is the reason you hate BOR.I am an atheist and like all other real atheists in the world I don”t give a shit about BOR or any other church or religion on earth!!!….What denomination of “religious freaks” are you?…


      1. Fist of all you have no idea why I hate BOR, since I haven’t offered any reason. So your opinion is pure conjecture or speculation on your part. I suggest you keep it to yourself, rather than attribute it to me. That would be a whole lot more honest, seeing as you don’t actually know me.

        Secondly, the argument than all atheists actually don’t give a shit about religion is fundamentally false. Some do, some don’t. The mere existence of atheist organizations (like American Atheists or Asociația Umanistă Română) which actively oppose religious organizations/cults proves otherwise. How can there be activism against something you don’t give a shit about? Personally I don’t give a shit about astrology… should I start an activist organization against astrology? I think not.

        Oh, I forgot… you’re a “real” atheist, that makes it a whole lot clearer. How exactly do you define a “real” atheist? Is there a consensus there, or are you once again attributing personal opinions to others?

        Lastly… “relegious freaks”? Really? Shouldn’t you be more enlightened than that? Perhaps I’m mistaking, but I always thought that atheists view themselves as more enlightened than the rest. Resorting to such a low grade insult makes you look even less tolerant than some of those dogmatic religious fundamentalists that I hate. I shouldn’t even give you an answer, I don’t appreciate that kind of tone, but since I’m feeling particularly magnanimous today I’m going to answer your question, even though one’s religious (non)beliefs should be personal, not flaunted around. I’m an agnostic, which, mind you, is actually a philosophical view rather than an actual religious cult.


  2. Don’t have much trust in romanian politicians , sooner or later they will disappoint you. (is in their blood,from 22 years till now, we hear same shit from them).


  3. It’s winter, the season when it snows. When it snows, as we learned, there is lots of “zapada”. I bet no one could’ve seen this one coming if it weren’t in the news all day.

    Also, the people are unhappy with the politicians in our country, another breaking news. Thank God we have television, or else we would be so unaware of the world around us.


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