Thank You and Welcome Aboard!

Blimey! Obviously a ton of people saw the little ProTV feature with me (permanent link here). If you are finding this blog for the first time, hello and welcome.


Clearly my Facebook blew up as well, so thanks for all the views, the links and the kind messages. Ironically December 1 was a very busy day for me as I didn’t work on Thanksgiving so I had to make up for it. Therefore while pretty much all of Romania was relaxing and enjoying themselves (and watching me on TV) I was locked inside the house working like a rented mule. So it goes :)

If you’re new here, feel free to look around. The right-hand sidebar (the column on the right) has links to all kinds of stuff, including a lot of things in Romanian (“My Stuff In Romanian”) if that’s your native language. Also the purple/pink die (Rom: zar) fetches up a random article. I’ve worked pretty hard to cross-link all my old posts so those random articles should all work with one another. If you use Facebook, feel free to give this blog page a “like”. And all my contact info and other useful things can be found at the top of this (or any) page.

So far I haven’t left my house to go any further than to the corner store, but the lady there who runs it has taken to calling me Domnul Vedeta or “Mr. Superstar” in English. Jeez so funny ;) Obviously I wrote about how much fun it was to make that ProTV segment and the consensus seems to be that everyone liked it, so that makes me happy. When I get some extra time (and who knows when that’ll be, really) I’ll subtitle it in English for those of you who don’t speak Romanian.

If you don’t really know who I am, I’ll explain it in just a few sentences. Basically I’m a refugee from the United States who came here to Romania a few years ago. I’ve had about a million adventures along the way and did everything as stupidly and backwards as possible, including moving here before speaking the language (LOL) and arriving with just a bag full of clothes and no job and no visa (double LOL).

I somehow became a pioneer, one of a select group of people (both foreign and native Romanian) who realized just how awesome this country is and have encouraged others to visit and move here. I created a blog and wrote a book and filmed a documentary to do just that. And it’s not over by any means. Next week I will go down and meet with the mayor’s office here in Unicorn City (Cluj-Napoca) and I’ve got lots of other things on the way.

I and my fellow pioneers have had to struggle because the natives here have allowed themselves to be sunk down in misery and woe. In a way, Romania is almost the exact opposite of America. The United States is full of incredibly optimistic and ambitious and confident people who think (and believe) everything is great even when it’s falling to pieces. Romanians on the other hand have been given a land that is incredibly wonderful and yet spend most of their days in a fog of gloom and bitter recrimination.

In “real life” I’m just an ordinary guy but I have been given super powers and re-baptized as Sam cel Roman, which allows me to go out in the public sphere and across the media as a living example of just how good life can be here. I don’t just “talk the talk”, I actually “walk the walk” and do everything in my (super!) power to demonstrate how a simple change in attitude works wonders in a realistic, practical, hands on way. A lot of people don’t believe it (or don’t want to believe it) but nonetheless I and my fellow pioneers persevere. As BUG Mafia once put it, sunt cam greu de ucis (it’s pretty hard to kill me).

As I once discussed with a friend here, it’s when you do the heavy lifting that you get the muscles. I came to Romania with nothing and did plenty of suffering along the way. It’s easy to look at me now as some kind of superstar who is on TV and all that other stuff, as though it has been like that since I arrived. Not even close! Read all the posts on this blog before you render your judgment as I’ve had some very hard times here in Romania indeed. I am not a foolishly optimistic person who lives a sheltered, protected life. On the contrary, I am optimistic and positive because it is the most realistic way to be.

A lot of you on Facebook noticed that my superhero persona’s birthday is December 1, as well as it should be because it is a very special day in Romanian history. But it’s also been a great day for me personally as last year (2010) I launched my book and this year (2011) I completed the circle and got to appear on ProTV, the network which was sometimes my sole companion in those lonely days when I first moved here. So it’s a great day both for me as well as for this country and I have a feeling that December 1, 2012 is going to be even better!

Thank you all once again for the messages, emails, “likes”, shares, links, views, recommendations and all the other multitude of ways you have given me and your friends positive feedback about me and what we’re doing here. I don’t do any of this for profit or money, I do it because I truly believe in it and every week I hear from more people who believe in it too. And that is truly wonderful. I truly could not have done this without all of you.

And so I leave you with one final message for today.


Yep, that means you!