Poza Zilei: The Supervisor

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Dangit, lately I’ve been slammed, crammed busy and so haven’t been a very good blogger and uploaded many photographs. In fact, my camera still has about a dozen good ones on it waiting to be transferred to my computer.

The photo above was taken a month or two ago. If you live in Unicorn City, I’ll tell you it was shot on Str. Napoca right above the old Reebok store (I forget what it is now). It’s one of Cluj’s busiest streets and the lady was sitting up on her balcony, surveying all the hustle and bustle below. Since human beings have a natural tendency not to look up, I was probably one of the few people who saw her.

In totally unrelated news, I’m meeting with some TV people later today and tomorrow to shoot some stuff. It’s for a program that I’ve never heard of but that means nothing as I haven’t watched Romanian television in years. Apparently though it’s quite a popular program though so stay tuned for more information on that.

Meanwhile here’s a real snippet of a conversation I had the other day with one of the producers of the show. It was actually in Romanian but here’s the English translation:

Producer: Yeah, we want to film you doing all kinds of stuff. We want it to be real, to be authentic, to really show you in your element.
Me: Okay.
Producer: We want to film you in the morning doing your work.
Me: You know I work from home, right?
Producer: Yeah sure, it’s no problem. We just want to capture you “in action” as you do your thing.
Me: You want to come over to my house and film me at 4:45 am??
Producer: Holy moley, 4:45 am? That early?
Me: Well sometimes I don’t start until 5:00.
Producer: Hmm, maybe we’ll film something else then.


Should be fun though as we came up with a few other cool ideas. We’ll see how it goes!