And So Fell Lord Perth…

Well if you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know about the times I’ve tangled with Sorin Apostu, the Lord of Cluj, the mayor of the city in which I reside.

This is “breaking” news, which means the full story hasn’t developed, but investigators from the DNA (national anti-corruption office) swarmed on City Hall this morning.

Furthermore, they also sent a number of agents to the Lord Mayor’s house (Ro) and the latest word is that he is being “detained” there. So far he hasn’t actually been formally arrested but clearly this is bad news for His Highness.

Again, the details are sketchy but it looks like the issue is the way in which City Hall has been signing contracts with certain individuals. Considering the brazenness in how he announced to the public that he’ll tax and charge anyone at rates he sees fit, and the general all-around corruption and idiocy of his vice-mayor Radu Moisin, I guess the main surprise here is that anything they did finally crossed the line and was blatant enough to get the DNA agents to come get them.

Still though, what a nice surprise for a beautiful, sunny Wednesday morning :)

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