Poza Zilei: Ben 10 Alien Force

There’s an interesting “back story” to this photograph. As you can see, it’s clearly a middle aged Romanian man dressed in fairly typical clothes, the woolen pants, button up shirt and the jaunty hat. Yet he’s also got a hyper-modern bright yellow backpack with some indecipherable Japanese cartoon logo all over the back. I’m not cool enough to know whether “Ben 10 Alien Force” is some kind of actual show or comic book or if it’s fake but clearly the contrast between the backpack and the rest of his outfit caught my eye.
I was actually on the streets much earlier than usual, going to a television interview that I think about three people saw LOL (if and when I get a digital version, I’ll put it up on the site) but it was exactly the time of day when hordes of kids and young adults are all going to school. Normally I’m quite slow on the draw in getting my camera out but as we were both walking in the same direction, I managed to successfully take this picture.

What you don’t see in this photo is something you could probably guess – he’s actually walking alongside a child and the backpack is almost certainly the property of the kid, just the grandpa is carrying it for a while. I just was thrilled with the dignity and total lack of embarrassment on grandpa’s part to have that garish yellow bag slung over his shoulder :)

As usual, click on the photo for the full-sized version.

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